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Purchase Steps
  1. Download the software package. During the 30 days free trial, you will see a Site Code, with is based on the mainboard BIOS and CPU ID of your computer. When the trial period expired, you will be prompted to input an activation code to continue.

  2. Use the Buy Now buttons below to buy a year subscription, and provide your email and Site Code along the order.

  SmartPacker 2.9
Standard Edition
1 Year Subscription
US$ 149
  SmartPacker 2.9
Professional Edition
1 Year Subscription
US$ 289

  1. ZhiHuo send you activation code based on the Site Code, after verified the payment.

  2. You input the activation code to the software.

License terms
  • You and your colleagues are licensed use SmartPacker on the computer where it is activated during the subscription.

  • You can share the loading plan created by SmartPacker to your suppliers, carriers, purchasers, etc.

  • You shall not, nor ask/facilitate others to crack/pirate.

  • You shall not hold ZhiHuo liable for any damages.

  • The activation process binds a license to a specific computer, based on 2 hardware features: mainboard BIOS and CPU. Changing monitor or hard drive, adding memory etc. won't impact your using SmartPacker, but if you need to change mainboard BIOS or CPU, or want to change to another computer, consult ZhiHuo for activation support.

  • ZhiHuo will notify you on produce upgrades, small ones will be for free, and larger ones requiring paying price difference. You can opt to stay with your current release.

  • Any questions, please contact ZhiHuo
    Phone: +86 18610880421
    Email: smartpacker@zhihuo.com




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